The stained glass windows were installed as part of the 1885 renovation. Prior to that, the windows were rectangular (without the arched tops).

Church records mention voting to pay for the stained glass in the foyer / front wall. Those front windows are of plainer, standard patterns that could have been produced by any number of stained glass shop, like Utica Stained Glass Co.

The sanctuary windows, however, are of unusual artistic and architectural design. They were paid for by families, in remembrance of loved ones. They may have been paid for directly by families who commissioned them, which is why it is still unknown who made them.

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Stained Glass Window Dedications

Rev. and Mrs. Elijah H. Bonney (Longest pastorate)1853-1872
Sidney A. Bunce1814-1876
Rebecca Church1780-1872
Russel Church1776-1847
James Devotie1775-1851
Anna Lockwood Devotie1777-1847
Clarissa Bronson Hills1798-1883
R. Glynes Lawson1796-1865
William Lawson1789-1877
David Mason1785-1869
Louisa Jewett Mason1819-1881
Naomi Miller Mason1789-1875
Gideon Skinner1776-1858
Mary Skinner1787-1855