The Fallen Window

On practically Day #1, we packaged up the window, the fallen shards of glass, and brought it to Sullivan Studios in Chittenango to get the advice of stained glass craftsman, Don Henry.

Don had a lot of helpful insights. We outlined a restoration plan for the window, and agreed to get started at once, with an estimated completion timeframe of about 60 days. The work would include:

  • Completely re-leading the whole window.
  • Missing glass panels to be re-painted on glass as close a match as possible, using a custom stencil made from the original design.
  • Cracked, but intact panes would be repaired with epoxy or copper foil seams. Repaint and fire the name panel to retain the history of the window. (Anna Lockwood Devotie)
  • Replace the rotten areas of the sash with select pine, as original.
  • Strip, prime and paint the exterior of the wood. 
  • Stop in the leaded panel with wood bedded in glazing instead of only glazing because it holds better than putty on the old wood frames.

After Restoration

Exciting news! The window restoration is complete and we revealed the finished work of art at Vernon Center Old Home Day on August 3.