Masterful Carpentry

A Greek Revival revival.

Two of the worst things for old wood are water, and pests. Unfortunately, the building was exposed to both of these for too long, causing the loss of paint, leaks, pest infestation, and wood rot. These are common issues faced in historic building restorations.

Some repairs are to be expected after 180 years exposed to the elements, but a lot of deterioration had occurred on the exterior wood and siding. With some skilled carpentry work, we are able to bring the building one step closer to its original glory.

At the time of purchase last year, at least 6 bird families had burrowed round holes in the siding to make nests in the walls. By this year, there were 8 holes. Plus, three of the roof eaves corners were completely rotted away, leaving room for more birds to find sanctuary.

Several sections of the eaves had evinced damage long ago, and were temporarily fixed with tin or aluminum patches.

Luckily, Dwight Cramer of Dream Builders was willing to help restore these exterior components.