Front Four Windows Finished

The front window set consists of 4 rectangular stained glass sashes with patterned blue and yellow panes, bordered with red and blue strips and squares. Atop those sits a large arch, with pink and white panes. Looking from the inside, the left set, which includes the Fallen Window, are dedicated to James DeVotie while the right are dedicated to his wife Anna Lockwood DeVotie.

After the first window was restored, the next 3 were restored one at a time. Each was removed, taken to Sullivan Studios where they were restored by Don Henry, and returned to the foyer awaiting reinstallation. Removing them required unscrewing a few interior wood trim pieces.

During the summer, I cleaned the interior trim pieces, made of white oak from 1885. with 3M abrasive pads to remove dirt and previous coatings, and coated them with some Minwax Polyshade to protect them in the future.

Before reinstalling them, the window frame needed expert carpentry work to restore in the original form. After that, and the completion of the fresh coats of exterior paint, it was time.

On December 4, 2020, the plywood came down and all 4 restored DeVotie stained glass windows were re-installed with the help of Dwight Cramer! That night we lit them from behind to announce their return to the community and show off their beautiful glow.